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Two women, a mother and her daughter, one migrated to Germany from Turkey, the other having grown up in Germany, speak about their lives. Both of them describe living between two cultures as an inner dichotomy: “basically, you don’t know where you belong.” In a parallel sequence, the film compacts the two women’s differing views of life into a dialog between mother and daughter that never actually took place. Director Serap Berrakkarasu met her two subjects when she worked at a women’s shelter in Lübeck. She says, “the young Turkish women here were pretty isolated. I wanted to show the girls and women that they weren’t all alone with their problems. The parents are not monsters. You can understand them; they were shaped by their own upbringing.” TÖCHTER ZWEIER WELTEN was digitally restored in 2021 with funding from the film heritage support program financed by the Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the states of Germany, and the German Federal Film Board (FFA).
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