Abbey Jack Neidik

Abbey Neidik is an established director and producer with an œuvre of over seventy films, including two Academy Award nominees. In 1980 Neidik and his partner Irene Angelico formed DLI Productions. Together they produced and directed "Dark Lullabies", which has been shown around the world and won numerous first prizes and prestigious awards. The film was included in The Fifty Greatest Documentaries of all Times at the international Salute to the Documentary. Along with his work in film, Neidik has been involved in the publication of "The Aftermath: A Survivor’s Odyssey Through War-Torn Europe", which he edited with Angelico and Mark Pendergrast. The manuscript, which was the inspiration for "Dark Lullabies", was endorsed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Elie Wiesel and the Dalai Lama.