Adamu Hallilu

ADAMU HALILU was born in the state of Adamawa, Nigeria in 1936. He studied screenwriting and editing at the Overseas Film and Television Centre and at the Shell Film Unit, both in London. Before returning to Nigeria, he worked for the Italian radio and tele- vision broadcasting company RAI in Rome. In 1963, he made his first feature film, Mama Learns a Lesson. In 1976, Halilu made SHAIHU UMAR, his first major project and one of the first feature films in Hausa, the most widely spoken commercial language in west-central Africa. Along with his work as a feature film director, Adamu Halilu also wrote screenplays and took part in the production of almost seventy documentary films. In 1978, he founded the production company Haske Films. From 1983 to 1985, he was general manager of the Nigerian Film Corporation, and in 1986 he was appointed di- rector of the Nigerian Film Unit. Adamu Halilu died on September 1, 2001.